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CannaCreative’s objective is to Bring a greater sense of community to the cannabis industry through innovative technology. StrainGOis a community based software solution that will revolutionize the one-to-one interaction of the various stakeholders; the consumer, the dispensary, the bud tender, as well as the producer. Our strength resides in our ability to connect these various groups, track and analyze their transactions, and deliver meaningful data to grow the industry and provide a mutual benefit for all parties involved. CannaCreative will remain committed to giving back to the community we serve. We pledge to give 2% of the company’s annual profits to groups that serve the needs of the community.

CannaCreative strives to bring a greater sense of community to the cannabis industry.  Through use of proprietary match-making technology, StrainGo will revolutionize the 1 to 1 sales format.  StrainGO will connect the consumer, dispensary, bud tender and producer in productive new ways, including real time inventory management.  This ability to connect these user groups, track the communication and transactions between them and provide real time data analytics to the supplier will provide a new paradigm in business solutions to the cannabis industry.

 Why StrainGO?

Cannacreative will be the first truly inclusive software platform which will allow a consumer, through use of proprietary match-making technology, to locate and purchase the appropriate product for them at the right price for them.  For the dispensary they will be able to communicate and market to their current consumer base as well as identify and capture new consumers.  The bud tender will discover new ways to connect with their social base, train and play games based on their dispensaries inventory as well as receive tips for serving their user base.  Producers will be able to communicate with current and new consumers through targeted advertising and marketing, surveying and sales.  All groups will be serviced through appropriate data analysis and offered personalized dashboards through StrainGo.

StrainGo will always be a platform for the medical need of consumers.  This may be a new cannabis consumer or an established discerning consumer.

CannaCreative strives to maintain an even pace of technology/software development and evolution ahead of the current cannabis industry pace.  With the cannabis industry moving toward further medical concern, StrainGo will continue to evolve patient concern of bio-individuality in relation to evolving/understanding cannabinoid biochemistry

StrainGo will offer a new education standard for training a workforce based on inventory standards.  This will create a succinct ability for a dispensary or producer/supplier to coordinate staff training methods.